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Alternative SMTP Gateways

This option allows you to specify one or more backup SMTP servers. If PostCast Server is unable to deliver a message, it can forward it to a backup SMTP server. This enables the program to successfully send higher percentage of messages. If only certain domains are unable to receive messages from PostCast Server, you can use this option to forward those messages to your ISP's SMTP server. Some ISPs (AOL, for example) block access to their servers if the incoming connections originate from dynamic (dial-up) IP addresses. This option enables you to forward all messages for those servers to your ISP's SMTP server. Their server's (non-dynamic) IP address will be the source of your outgoing messages. For more information, see this page.

Create a list of invalid e-mail addresses

This option enables you to create a list of bad addresses. When the program cannot deliver a message to an e-mail address, it can enter that address in an Access database file or a text file. The list will contain all e-mail addresses that posed a problem for the program. You can use the list to filter your mailing lists and avoid sending messages to those addresses in the future.

If you activate the "Use Access 97 database" option, the program logs all bad e-mail addresses to the Access database. It requires the location of an existing .mdb database file. If the database has been successfully loaded, you can choose the table and the table column where you want to store all bad e-mail addresses.

If it is more convenient, you can enter e-mail addresses in a text file where each address will be written in a separate line. It is necessary to enter the location of the file where you want the program to put bad e-mail addresses. If the file already exists and already contains some text, it will not be deleted. The program will simply add bad addresses to the list.

How does the program determine which e-mail address is bad?

Whether an address is bad depends on how the "Administration" part of the "Settings" window has been defined. The program will not automatically mark an address as bad just because it did not manage to deliver a message.

Before the address is considered invalid, the program checks the remote server response and the error message that occurred during sending. The address is invalid if the domain does not exist or if the server responded with the message like 'user unknown'.

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