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Testing the connection between the e-mail client and the server

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To test the client-server connection, create a new e-mail message in your e-mail program and enter your address in the "TO" field, so you can check whether the message will reach its destination. If, after sending the message, you are able to download it, then all the settings are correct.

Type something in the "Subject" and "Body" parts of the message and send it. If the delivery has been successful, the message should be in PostCast Server. When you open it, you should see the message in the main window. If it is not there, then either the SMTP server address in the e-mail program is not correct or the "Host Name" value in PostCast Server. In most cases, if the value there is different from "localhost", entering "localhost" as the server address will solve the problem.

Use the Client-Server Log feature in PostCast Server Professional to troubleshoot the problems with the message delivery.

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