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Sending to Multiple E-mail Addresses

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In practice, the problem of sending messages to a number of different e-mail addresses is often solved by entering a list of addresses separated by the comma character in the 'To', 'BCC', or 'CC' field of the message. There are two reasons why PostCast Server does not support this method:

  1. PostCast Server is not a Spam program. Using this method to deliver messages is often practiced when sending unsolicited commercial e-mail.
  2. This method does NOT ensure faster message delivery when the SMTP server is installed on your computer.

If you enter more than one address in the 'BCC' (blind carbon copy) or 'CC' (carbon copy) field of your e-mail message, the program will deliver the message only to the first 50 addresses in line. The remaining addresses will be ignored.

Server Problems

When such a message is forwarded to the ISP's server, it makes as many copies of the message as there are addresses entered. After that, the server sends each copy of the message separately. Although the user is under the impression that he/she has sent only one message to the server, the ultimate effect is exactly the same as if a different message was sent to each address on the list. Instead of solving the problem, it has only been made worse. The server that should deliver those messages creates congestion on the Internet connection and its performance deteriorates. No administrator likes such things, and almost every ISP quickly closes the accounts of users who send a large number of messages at once.

To and CC Fields

If several addresses were entered in the 'To' or 'CC' field, each recipient would be in a position to see every address from your list. Your message would look unprofessional.

The marketing effect produced by such a sending method is extremely unfavorable due to two main reasons:

  1. Message is not personalized; it is not personally addressed to the recipient
  2. If you were so careless or unprofessional to expose your entire mailing list to everyone's eyes, to what extent do you think your potential customers would be inclined to make a purchase from you and disclose their confidential information, like credit card data, to you?

BCC Field

If you enter addresses in the "BCC" field of the message, the recipient cannot see the addresses from the list as when they are entered in the "CC" and "To" fields. In order for a message to reach its destination at all and for the server to accept it, it is necessary to enter some arbitrary value in the "To" field. This value will be the same for all recipients and thus, if you enter, for instance, "", every message recipient will see that address where his/her personal address should be. As in the previous case, the message is not personally addressed to the recipient, which can be seen at first glance.

When the server, on which the mailbox indicated by one of the addresses from your list is located, accepts such a message, it might identify it as Spam. Mechanisms used for blacklisting the persons who send Spam are almost completely automated (of course, everything depends on the administrator and the software installed on the server). Your message contains sufficient data about you. Losing the account with your ISP is just one of the measures that could be applied.

What is the Solution?

Never send messages that are not personally addressed to the recipient. Any e-mail program can forward a message to the SMTP server with a bunch of addresses entered in the "To", "CC", or "BCC" field, but, in that case, you will end up making the described mistakes.

It all depends, in fact, on the number of messages you need to send and on how often you need to send them. Some ISPs do not mind if you send about 50 messages at once on a daily basis. However, things differ from one case to another. If you have shorter lists with 100 or 200 users, this might be a temporary solution. As your list expands and your business develops, your appetites will build up and you will be forced to look for some other solution.

If you need to send a large number of messages, the best and the simplest solution is to install PostCast Server on your computer. The program has been particularly optimized to reach maximum speeds with limited Internet connections (like a modem one), but its real performance is best achieved with bigger capacities.

For creating e-mail messages from your existing mailing list and for addressing them directly to each recipient, I recommend PostCast (, a special program that generates messages and then forwards them to PostCast Server.

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