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Sending Speed

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The numbers listed here are based on the tests with messages with only a few lines of text. Since the program requires more CPU power, memory, and bandwidth to process larger messages (especially if they have attachments), the numbers you will have can be considerably different.

In general, you can get higher transfer rate if you increase the speed of your connection to the Internet and if you use your ISP's DNS server. The Professional Edition also has a DNS Caching feature that caches all DNS requests locally and is able to send messages using 50 parallel connections.

The program sends 2000-3000 messages on average with a 33.6K modem connection. The transmission rate is higher with faster connections.

All the above refers to the sending speed for messages that are already in PostCast Server. In order to give the program something to send, you must first deliver one or more messages to it using an e-mail client, i.e. the program you use to compose your messages. The time required to send a message from the e-mail client to PostCast Server depends on the number of messages to be sent as well as on the e-mail client itself. Some programs can do it faster than others.

Messages can be sent to the server using Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, Netscape Messenger, or any other e-mail program. However, for sending messages to your mailing lists, you will use specialized software that generate messages using your address book or records in your database. PostCast ( is just such a program. It makes the entire sending process simpler and has the best performance.

Here are some sending speeds for simple, 1KB text messages on a dial-up Internet connection:

  • Generating messages with PostCast - 82500/h
  • Sending messages from PostCast to PostCast Server ? 21000/h
  • Message delivery with PostCast Server - 3000/h

For example, if you have a mailing list with 50,000 recipients, you would need:

  • 37 min. to generate messages
  • 25 min. to send them to PostCast Server
  • About 17 hours to deliver them to the recipients
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