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Security Considerations

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It must first be pointed out that by using PostCast Server on your computer, nothing will be deleted from it and no data jeopardized by any person who has connected to the server without authorization. The worst that could happen is that this person delivers a pile of messages to the server that it will then try to send. The damage that might thus be inflicted comes down to using the computer resources and congesting the Internet connection. All this can be avoided by setting the "Security" options in the "Settings" window of the server. You can enter trusted IP addresses from which the program will accept connections, as well as block certain IP addresses.

LAN or Local Access

If the program settings are defined to accept connections only from the computer where the program has been installed, that is, if "localhost" or is entered in the "Host Name" settings, then the program cannot accept connections from the Internet or LAN. In this case, you do not need to worry about any unauthorized person connecting to the server. If the program accepts connections from LAN, then it cannot be accessed from the Internet. If you want to limit access to certain computers from LAN, use the "Security" option from the "Settings" window.

Internet Access

Only if you use your Internet IP address as a Host Name, someone can take advantage of the server from the Internet. Your computer acts as an 'Open Relay' if you allow unrestricted access to the server from the Internet. For more information about this problem, see Blocking Open Relays.

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