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Save, Save As

When you click on the 'Save' button in the toolbar, the message will be saved in the Outbox. This button is not available while you are opening the existing messages unless you make some changes in them. You can then save those changes by clicking on that button. The 'Save As' option is in the 'File' menu. You can use it to save any message in .eml file which every e-mail program will be able to read.


The 'Print' option has some additional options when printing text messages. The window will appear in which you can precisely define how the message will be printed.

Find, Replace

Enables you to find some text in the message. If you enter a value in the 'Replace' text box, the found text will be replaced by that value when you click on 'Replace' or 'Replace All'.

Text Size

Changes the size of the message text. It supports six different levels.

Insert Text From File

After you select a file, the program will insert its text into the text of the message.


Checks the spelling in the message.


You can assign a priority level to every message. The default value is 'normal' but it can be 'High' or 'Low'. When, for example, you mark the message as High priority, its recipient will assume that it should be read immediately.

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