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Apart from being used as a server, PostCast Server can also serve as a program for writing messages. It is not, however, designed to function as a standard e-mail client. It cannot, for example, download messages from the server and display them.

The built-in Message Editor supports all e-mail standards, and thus, you can, for example, use it to write Text or HTML type of messages, attach unlimited number of files, and so on.

Open and Edit Messages

To open a selected message from the main window, you can press CTRL+O on the keyboard, right-click on the message and then select the 'Open Message' option, or you can select the same option from the 'Edit' menu. You can edit the message text and add or delete attached files. You can alter the message priority level and forward it to some other e-mail address. This is all very useful because you can both read and edit the messages downloaded on the server at some later date. PostCast Server can open HTML e-mail messages as well.

When you change any property of the existing message, the program will store the changed message in the Outbox. The 'Save' button becomes available in the toolbar, and when you press it, the old message will be replaced by its new, changed version.

Creating New Messages

PostCast Server can generate text and HTML e-mail messages. To create a new message, press CTRL+N on the keyboard or select the 'New Message' option from the 'File' menu.


Every message can have an unlimited number of attachments. To attach a file to your message, click on the 'Attach' button in the main toolbar or select 'Insert/File Attachment' from the menu.

After attaching the file to your message, a new box will be displayed containing a list of files which are currently attached to the message. If you right-click on this box, new options will become available.

Using the options in the picture above, you will be able to save a file from the list on your hard disk, delete it from the list, or add a new one. If you select the 'Insert Attachment' option, the program will put a new file on the list. New files can also be attached to the message by using the 'Insert/File Attachment' menu.

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