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How to Connect to PostCast Server

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To be able to send messages, every e-mail program must have the SMTP server value entered. Thus, for instance, if you are using Outlook Express or Outlook to open the window wherein the SMTP server address is to be entered, select the "Accounts?" option from the "Tools" menu. Double-click on the account name that you want to change and when the window with its properties appears, select the "Servers" tab. This is how the window is supposed to look:

In Outlook 2003, the server address should be entered as in the figure below:

The "localhost" value, marked yellow in the figures above, is the value to be entered in case you are not a LAN user. If your computer is within LAN, you should enter its IP address. Do not forget that, in PostCast Server, the same value should be written in the "Host Name" text box as well. If you are not sure what to use, PostCast Server itself will detect the necessary value and automatically update the "Host Name" text box in the "Settings" window. The "Host Name" value is shown in the figure below:

Instead of "localhost", the program can detect the name of your computer or the IP address. In any case, the value from PostCast Server must be entered into your e-mail program.

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