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HTML Messages

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HTML messages are different from text messages since they can contain formatted text, tables, pictures, and dynamic elements like animations, popup menus, etc. Those messages are basically web pages; therefore, everything that can be said about web pages applies to HTML messages as well. To be able to read them, you need an e-mail program capable of displaying them. Most of the popular programs can display HTML messages, and so can PostCast Server.

HTML messages can be created in two ways. One way is to use the 'Insert/HTML' option from the menu, which can be accessed from the toolbar as well. To send an HTML message, you must first create a web page in some external program. When a prepared HTML file is inserted in the program, it automatically finds all the pictures and adds them to the message. When the recipient receives thus formatted message, his/her e-mail program will find the encoded pictures in it and open them immediately without downloading them from the Internet first.

If you select one of the text formatting options and, for instance, change a part of the text into Bold or change the font or text color, the program will automatically generate the HTML message. This means that even without an external program for generating web pages, you can create simple HTML messages directly from PostCast Server. This is another way to create an HTML message. Note that the message editor in PostCast Server cannot edit existing HTML messages.

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