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Dial-Up Networking

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Dial whenever a network connection is not present

Every time the program requires an Internet connection, it can automatically connect to your ISP. This enables the program to perform all operations independently and without your intervention. Depending on the mail sending frequency, when the program detects messages in the Outbox that should be sent, it will establish the Internet connection, send the messages, and if necessary, terminate the connection with your ISP.

Disconnect when finished

If you activate this option, after completing the message delivery, the program will terminate the connection. The dial-up connection will be terminated even if it has not been established using PostCast Server. Thus, you need not be physically present to disconnect the computer from the Internet when the program finishes sending.

Disconnect only if the connection is initiated by PostCast Server

You can also instruct the program to close the connection to the Internet only if it is initiated by PostCast Server.

Retry after unsuccessful attempts

You can enter the exact number of times you want the program to attempt to establish the Internet connection. After each attempt, the program will wait for precisely that number of seconds that you specify in the "Between attempts wait for?" option. If the ISP's number is unavailable, the program will stop attempting to establish the connection.

Choose the profile that should be used for Internet connection

This option contains a list of computer-defined dial-up connections. Select the one from the list that you want the program to use when connecting to the Internet.

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