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Customizing main window

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The 'Customize' option enables you to change the name, appearance and position of almost every element in the main program window. Using this option, the program's user interface can be completely changed and customized to your needs. All the changes will be stored and activated with every program start-up.

Parts of the main window can be activated and deactivated as desired. Thus, you can remove parts of the window you rarely use. As you deactivate parts of the window, the table showing messages and the status of each message in the sending process becomes bigger.

The fastest way to activate/deactivate a part of the user interface is to right-click on the toolbar and select the desired option as shown in the figure below:

You can also access this drop-down menu by selecting "View/Toolbars" from the main menu.

If you select the "Customize?" option, a window will be displayed enabling you to define the user interface settings in detail. It is possible to change button names, to define different appearance of all window elements, add new buttons, delete the existing ones, rearrange them, etc. Each change will be saved and every time you start the program, it will download the last version of the user interface. If you want to reset all the changes, select the option "Toolbars">"Restore default toolbars" from the "View" menu:

Here is an example of how to change the name and the appearance of the "Open Message" button in the "Shortcuts" bar:

First select the "Customize" option:

Once the "Customize" window is displayed, you will be able to change all the elements. Right-click on the "Open Message" button and click on the "Text Only" option to display only the name without the icon.

You can move toolbars and other interface elements by left-clicking on them and then draging and dropping them at the desired position. The figure below shows the Connections toolbar moved from the top to the bottom of the window. It is enough to click on the "Grab Handler" of the Connections toolbar and drag it to where you want to dock the toolbar:

When you click on the downward arrow to the right of any toolbar and then on "Add or Remove Buttons", you will get a list of displayed buttons which you can then activate or deactivate from the toolbar:

The same principles apply to the "New Message" / "Open Message" window. This window can also be changed and customized to your needs.

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