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Number of Outgoing Connections

The maximum number of connections the program will establish in the mail sending process. When the sending process is activated, the program is able to send up to 20 messages in the Free and maximum of 50 messages in the Professional Edition at the same time.

DNS Timeout

The time after which the program will stop attempting to establish connection with the DNS server. In case that, in the set time interval, the program cannot connect to the DNS server or receives no reply from it, the message whose delivery created the problem will not be sent and will remain in the Outbox. If the problem with the DNS server persists, no message from the Outbox will be sent. 

With DNS errors, the program does not see the problem as related to the message itself, to the recipient's e-mail address, or the server to which the message is to be delivered. Therefore, it will not increase the number of unsuccessful attempts indicated on the counter.

Server Timeout

If the program does not receive any reply from a remote server after the expiration of the server timeout time interval, PostCast Server will report an error in the message delivery.

Firewall Support

The Professional Edition can connect to the Internet through a firewall or proxy server. If the only way to connect to the Internet on you LAN is through the firewall, you can use this option to run the program even if the direct connection to the Internet is not available.   It is also possible to connect to your ISP's socks proxy server if it is provided by the ISP. See this page for more information.

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