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E-mail message is undeliverable after

This option indicates the number of days, hours or attempts after which the program will decide that a message cannot be sent and delete it from the Outbox. After that, depending on other settings, it can inform the message sender about the problem.

If the server is always active, the recommended setting is 4 days. If you only use the program occasionally, you will probably want to set the expiration for messages in the Outbox folder to, for example, 10 retries.

Force message delivery

If this option is activated, the program will attempt during the sending process to deliver the message to all server addresses it obtained from the DNS server. Messages directed to certain e-mail addresses can only be sent to one server, while with some e-mail addresses PostCast Server can detect several different server addresses. If the delivery to the top priority server on the list fails, the program will attempt to deliver the message to other servers. This option only insignificantly slows down the sending process, but it increases the percentage of the successfully delivered messages.

Return undeliverable message to the sender

When a message is marked as undeliverable, the program will notify the sender about the problem.

Attach original message

If you activate the "Attach original message" option, the program will attach the undeliverable original message to the error message.

Create log files

When this option is activated, the program records all communication with the servers during the sending process in the text file. If an error occurs during sending, its cause can be easily detected by examining the log file. You can choose how would you like the program to create log files. There are three options:

  • Use single log file. The program creates a single file and logs all actions to that file. Be aware that if you send a large number of messages, the file can become very large over time.
  • Create new file when log is larger than... The program creates a new file after the current log exceeds certain size.
  • Create separate log file for each mailing. For each sending process, the program creates a separate log file. This option can create a large number of files over time that will be difficult to administrate.

Delete logs older than

This means that when you enter the number of days, all log files older than that number will be automatically deleted. If you often send a large number of messages, log files can be rather big and occupy quite a lot of space on the hard disk. Using this option, the outdated files will be deleted and the space they occupied restored.

Log client-server communication

The Professional Edition is able to log all communication between the e-mail client and PostCast Server. This log is useful for troubleshooting problems with the client connection to the server. The file is placed in the Logs folder and it is accessible from the drop-down list on the main menu. Do not leave this option selected unless you want to troubleshoot the connection with the e-mail client. It slows down communication with the client and the log file can use a lot of hard drive space over time.

Delete all logs

Deletes all logs from the Logs folder.

View existing log files

This option enables you to view a particular log file. By clicking on the "View" button next to this option, you get three possibilities:

  1. Show entire log file. Shows the entire log file including the communication of each thread
  2. Show each thread in a separate window. Shows the communication of each thread in a separate window
  3. Show specific thread. You can choose to view the communication of just one thread
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