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PostCast Server does not contain any form of viruses, spyware, trojans and backdoors. This software product was tested thoroughly and it can be installed with no concern by any computer user. The latest version is 3.0.61.

Product Editions

You can download different versions of PostCast Server. If you own a license for the product, click on the full version hyperlink below. Click here to purchase the full version.

  PostCast Server Professional Trial  v3.0.61
14-day trial version of PostCast Server Professional (19MB).
Contains these features that are not available in the free edition:

* SMTP gateways
* Multiple mail folders
* DNS caching
* Firewall and proxy support
* Automatic detection of DNS addresses
* 50 parallel threads for sending
* More control in system tray mode
* Balloon tooltips
* Client-server communication logs
Size: 19MB

  PostCast Server Professional  v3.0.61
Only for our existing customers. Download full, unrestricted Professional Edition of PostCast Server.
Size: 19MB

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System Requirements

Supported operating systems

Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2008
Windows 2000
Windows NT 4.0 SP3+
Windows Millennium Edition
Windows 98 Second Edition
Windows 98
Windows 95


Minimum 512 MB RAM, about 60 megabytes of hard drive space, working connection to the Internet. Click here for more details.

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