PostCast SMTP Server
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Screen Shots

Main Screen

PostCast Server has an intuitive and simple user interface. Different mail folders are represented as tabs for easy navigation.

Parts of the main window can be activated and deactivated as desired. Thus, you can remove parts of the window you rarely use. As you deactivate parts of the window, the table showing messages and the status of each message in the sending process becomes bigger.

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Message Editor

Apart from being used as a server, PostCast Server can also serve as a program for writing messages. It is not, however, designed to function as a standard e-mail client. It cannot, for example, download messages from the server and display them.

The built-in Message Editor supports all e-mail standards, and thus, you can, for example, use it to write Text or HTML type of messages, attach unlimited number of files, and so on.

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SMTP Gateways

This feature allows you to specify one or more backup SMTP servers. If PostCast Server is unable to deliver a message, it can forward it to a backup SMTP server.

If only certain domains are unable to receive messages from PostCast Server, you can use this option to forward those messages to your ISP's SMTP server.

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DNS Caching

PostCast Server contacts the remote DNS server once, and then caches (memorizes) the addresses returned from the query. So the next time you are requesting the same address, it instantly returns the answer, without having to contact your ISP's DNS server to ask it for the translation.

PostCast Server requires an MX record for each domain it needs to send messages to.

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Firewall and Proxy Support

This feature enables you to send e-mail through other proxy servers on your Local Area Network (LAN) or on the Internet.

If the only way to connect to the Internet on you LAN is through the firewall, you can use this feature to run the program even if the direct connection to the Internet is not available.

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System Settings

Host Name value in the system settings instructs the program to accept connections only from the computer on which it has been installed, from the Internet, or from a LAN.

You can also setup DNS servers, enable DNS caching, and select the sending interval on this screen.

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This window defines the interval for bounced messages and whether to notify the sender about the problem when a message is marked as undeliverable.

Also, you can configure how you want the program to manage the log files and whether to log client-server communication.

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